Making a desktop game, how much ram is unity using by default? how can i make it use more by defualt?

My game uses high detail models and textures, it is not for mobile so the graphics need to be good. I have not done scripting for it yet, as I am still working on the map. However the map is large and when I build and run the game I get around 10 fps… I have 16gb of ram and a GTX 1080, I know that I am perfectly capable of running this map. How much RAM is the game using by default? How can I allow it to use more? or set a minimum system requirements for it? I know it must be using less than 1gb at this point, for people to have to play on it, they should need at least 3gb.

It’s not your hardware or your utilization, it’s your code. Use the frame debugger to track down the problem.