Making a dynamic item creator with a collection of pre-made 2D sprites

Hello everyone.

I should preface my question by saying that I am a novice programmer, so if I am asking something obvious here, please account for my ignorance.

The problem I am struggling to solve is with creating a character creator style system for creating items in game.

I am looking to create something like this:

It’s a rough sketch, I know, but I hope it gets the idea across. This screen would allow the player to switch between sprites in each row. At the end of the process the system would spit out a merged image that would looks something like this:

My current idea of an architecture for this is to create 3 separate arrays (1 for each row) and then assign the last displayed sprites from each of the 3 arrays to a new sprite that would make up the new image/object.

Could someone please tell me whether I am thinking in a correct direction with this?

Thank you,

It is actually very simple and well thought out. I do have some tips which help you in the long run, but either than that good idea.

  • I would say use a list instead of an Array. It allows for more manipulation via code.
  • It might be better performance wise to have an complete image for each combination loaded. (Should not matter though) Plus its easier to manipulate one image than three within the scene.