Making a fighting game like dragon ball z infinite world using blender and unity?

Hello users of unity.I am a beginner to this unity3d thing and i would like to ask a question and hopefully i will get an response.Is it possible for me to make a game similar to dragon ball z infinite world using blender and or unity3d?for example.Me and my friends have being plotting a game we would like to make for the xbox 360 and or ps3 and we came to a conclusion that it should be a fighting game and i chose it to be like dragon ball z infinite world with combos and super moves and specials but no sayian overdrive and the first and second player can move freely around the terrain to fight,Therefore can i make a game like that using unity3d and blender to make the characters and stages.Also can i make a story mode to go with the fighting game me and my friends have in mind?something like naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 where you can talk to people and walk from city to city and catch a story while doing just to get the players intrest.I know a game like this is going to take years but i am determine to make it and I’m trying to finish it when im out of college which is going to be 6 years from now.Inconclusion if anyone know if i can make a fighting game similar to dragon ball z infinite world using unity3d and blender or even know what the hell im talking about “lol”.Please take time to inform me of what i need and how to make the game im trying to create or tell me if its not possible at all so me and my friends may stop this project immediately.

Thank You

Yes, it’s completely possible. The limits on such a project are NOT based on Unity or Blender, but your own experience and determination. If you need to ask a question like this, then I’m going to assume that you know next to nothing about actually developing games, let alone with Unity. So as a piece of personal advice, I highly suggest you do some reading. There are tons, and tons, and tons of tutorials and books out there that will guide you through the process of creating prototypes and then fleshing those out into games. And trust me, it can be very rewarding to slowly see your scripts and assets come together to form something that you like playing and can be proud of.

Actually i have made videos games before but they we’re 2d games.But i happy to know that this game we’re trying to make is possible so that’s a good sign.Also i have gotten to read some materials and tutorials from time to time…Making me able to make a terrain its just the characters and scripting and such…But i thank you for telling me the information i need to know in order to make my dream game.I really do appreciate it.