Making a Game like 'Kitty Cannon'?

Hey Guys,

Im wanting to make a game like this Kitty Cannon But im not sure how to go about making it, Things id like to know is How to set the back ground and how to make the game stop when the object that has been shot has stopped bouncing/moving?


Backgrounds are generally easy to do. You have a large variety of options to choose from:

  • -Planes: planes are essentially a flat cube with 1 visible side in
    which you apply a texture to to
    achieve what you are looking for.
  • -Skyboxes: Under: Edit->Render Settings->Skybox(Material) you can
    import the Skyboxes Asset by going to
    Assets->Import Package->Skyboxes
    and applying one of the Materials to
    the Skybox menu in the Render

Game Stopping:
There are a few nifty tricks for achieving this effect as in reading how long the object is colliding with a specific tagged object or if it hit an object.

function OnTriggerEnter (hit: Collider){
   if(hit.tag == "tagname"){
     //Do something

I doubt that without asking noone will actually write the code for you. So the Unity3D Scripting Reference is a good place to find and research specific functions/classes to use for programming to achieve what your final goal is: