Making a game with my brother

I asked this question before but I’m gonna word it better. My Brother and I want to make a game together on different computers, and we want to have our Unity project connected so we don’t have to share the new files we made back in forth. We want the Unity project to automatically update on both computers so we can see the changes we both made. Example: I add a new moving script to the game, without sharing the files via thumb drive, and when my brother presses play the moving script is applied. Then my brother goes in to the script and makes a change, and it happens at the same time for me too. Is this possible for free? If so please help me (I am new to this so talk to me as if I am a dummy). If it is not free how can I do it buying stuff?

Unity has the AssetServer for Pro version that does what you need (more or less), but since you are looking for something that is free, you can always take a look:

  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion
  • CVS

or any other version control system.

These all require you to set up one of the computers as the server; They all work similatly as well - one use commits a change and the next time the other user asks for the “newest version”, all file changed are replaced with the most recent copy the server has. They also let you go back version, like a sort of file “time capsule”.

You would need to pick one and figure out how to configure it.

I’ve never heard of anyone using Dropbox, which is a bit more intuitive. Hopefully someone here has tried it and can say something about that.

We use SVN (Subversion) and purchase server space (you can get free space if you make your project public). Neither computer needs to be a server. I think GIT is the same way.