Making a GTA-style game

What I aim to make is an open world game where a character (first person controller, as it is easier than a proper third person like GTA - no complex animation required) can walk and drive around a city (planned to be 1 sq. km in size), run over pedestrians and shoot guns. When “getting into a car”, its crosshair (need to know how to add one) points at the desired car and then at the press of a key (possibly E or F), the main controller and camera switches to that car so that is being controlled. The FPS controller then becomes inactive and invisible until the key is pressed again, then the car becomes inactive and the FPS controller “teleports” just outside the car. I want this to work so multiple vehicles can be on the map and spawn randomly, following paths like real traffic. Also, what about ragdoll physics for peds, so they can be run over like in GTA IV (I also want blood being shed as they die). They should also walk around and spawn randomly. I also want to put in a few guns in (with the ability to switch between them and buy more ammo from a shop). Mission structure will be very basic (no storyline) - just doing random missions from payphones like assassination contracts and deliveries; something like GTA1. Cops are also essential. So what I need is help in how to do these scripts (if I can get the basic gameplay mechanics of GTA, then I’ll be satisfied). How long do you think it will take to complete?

well since i am working on the same type of project i would suggest as i have, make the scripts first the basic ones the car controller etc. if u r going to make the buildings urself then i would suggest getting a tileable image from google and placing on the basic unity cube to make basic buildings first make a basic map (with placeholders as buildings) and then making the base of the game the PED’s and some missions if u want… hope this helped and srry to answer so late

And assuming u know how to make waypoint cars i found out a way to make the police vehicle by just making the player car instantiate waypoints at intervals , then setting those waypoint as the target/current waypoint of the police car just like any other waypoint car :slight_smile: