making a help taster

I have question for anyone who knows about these things [I’m a total Newbie]

I imagined that a player goes through the labyrinth, and when he pressed the [key “h”] slowly go to top view and displays whole maze, hold for 2 seconds and return to the main camera … [Continue to move through the maze]

and forgive me for my English [google is a miracle] :slight_smile:

ThanX anyway

I dont have any code example for you, but the theory is simple:

  1. Create a new camera that is placed above the labyrinth.
  2. When the player presses “h”, switch to the second camera that is above the labyrinth.
  3. Wait 2 seconds, and then switch back to main camera.

Good luck!


I need to go slowly on the top position … I want animation
and return on player

Best regards,
and please help me if you know