Making a large world

Hi all. I am quite new to Unity and am in the process of creating my first 3D game.

How ever I have having issues with creating the game world.

My game takes place on a large island and as such it would be a large map if i were to make it all in one go.

is there anyway I could create the world in sections this way I could make the maps quite detailed. and at a certain point have the player teleport to another part of the world? Coding is by far my weak point and I struggle with it a lot. I am more of an artist and just need the best way to create my World. thanks in advance.

I am struggling with this a bit myself as coding is my weak point. I have found the best way is to do a top down view of the whole map and then you can have the character move around in that top down view and when he gets to a point of interest on the map you can load a scene. I’m still working on this myself but it’s a nice way to give the illusion of having a massive world.