Making a long list of products with unity

Hello all,

I’m making a virtual supermarket for my masters degree, and inside I have approximately 300 products.
My goal is that when the user is choosing a product, at the end, I’ll get a UI with all the product that was chosen.

I found this tutorial about creating an inventory UI, but would like to ask,
how would you approach this?
What is the best way to list 300 products? With array or string (I’m also quite new to scripting but that’s what I saw people talk about regarding lists)?
I have tutorials explaining to me about the UI inventory, and they’re all good,but the thing is they have only 4 or 5 items.


300 elements is a rather small number. You can easily use an array. As an example, you can have an array for even more than 10000 elements without having any problems. I came here looking for a question I already knew the answer to.