Making a menu that rotates the options


How are you?

I have a couple of weeks using Unity and I´m a little bit stucked on doing a rotary menu.

I have a rotary menu with 6 option. I already made the rotation animation of it, so when you press a cube (button) the menu should turn 60 degrees left or right (I have two cubes, one per side) and so on, 2 times click one of the cubes should rotate another 60 degrees until you do a full turn. The problem is that I have no idea on how to make the animation stop in each option

I have managed to make that when you press the cube the animation starts, but it wont stop and keeps looping.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks a lot for the help

Ok so i dont get your problem from what you are saying.
But i do get one of your problem animation looping . So in order to stop the animation from looping, when you create an animation, two things are created, a controller and an animation clip. If you click on the animation clip in your hierarchy, switch your inspector window to debug by clicking at the three lines on the top right corner of that window next to the pad lock button (click on debug). 67087-capture.png
In the debug window there is a wrap mode, change that to once or whatever you want and you can control your animation.