Making a multiplayer game

First of all, I've been wanting to make a multiplayer video game for a long time and I looked from documentation to youtube videos ..... but still I don't understand one of the big questions, what is the best way to create a multiplayer?

Is it very difficult to design a server using the net and socket libraries? because as far as I know how to program in c #, it is not very difficult to send buffers and it is up to you to know how to format them or link them with functions, but because there are so many multiplayer services such as unet, photon, mirror, etc.

Is it harder than I imagine? Even the last thing I was investigating is that unity libraries already have libraries in UnityEngine.networking and some of the components such as NetworkManager and those will no longer exist ... I don't understand

It would help me to know the experience that all of you have had

There is no best way, if there was there would be one way only. Multiplayer is a tricky field, each game has it's requirements and preferred way to handle things.
I suggest you look into what exactly are your game requirements, and see if any of the network solutions provide them, if not, then you start looking into building your own solution. Libraries are here to boost your productivity.

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Here you can find a number of existing networking solutions: