Making a room from image for a 2D game

bit of a weird question i know but what would be the best way to make a room with a 2D image as a reference as as actual object and the transparent color would be your area where u can move or something.
otherwise would would be the simplest way to make a room for a 2D game if possible without using any 3D tools like blender cause im not great at em.

do you actually have to make it 2d? would the apperance be enough?

if you went into photoshop and imported an image like that, then made all collision edges a little less than solid black, the rest of the image solid black, you'd have a heightmap you could import for terrain where if you were careful you could basically make each edge like a 1 inch tall little wall that viewed directly from above would look like it was flat, (but it wouldnt be)

then if you constrained your players movement so he couldnt move along the depth axis they would run into the wall and you could test for that.

height maps are INCREDIBLY easy to make.

watch this video

and the rest of course

basically you import a picture of what your level looks like in photoshop, you create a layer and draw right over the features only with color, you still get to see the image as your drawing so its basically put your mouse over the wall, ok now click, i have no artistic talent whatsoever but if you can draw a stickman you can make a good looking heightmap with some effort.

other than that yea of course you just make all terrain cause an on collision test, collision kills

Assuming you mean a 2D room, i.e. Plan view or Flatlander view, you could put the image on a Plane and then make a heap of stretched Cubes and manually align them with the walls drawn in the image.

Still sounds pretty painful to me compared to doing it in a modeling program.

Your best bet is to hire someone. Maybe you can trade or partner up. But there are some very interesting developments in photogrammetry. Try PhotoFly from Autodesk. It’s free.