Making a small map (how scale)

i have a map 5000x5000 with 1000x1000 png picture
i want to show a small map at the right top of the screen 50x50,
srry for my english , like that :
if im at (200,200) , i want to show (175to225,175to225) of the 1000x1000 picture.
you will understand what i mean when you see this picture :

i dont know how can i scale a picture like that.

I think you can do it like that: Make a Camera above the player or above what you want to show on the minimap. Then choose orthographic where it normally says perspective in the inspector. Then you go to Normalized View Port Rect in the Inspector and set

  • x = 0.8 (x Position)
  • y = 0.7 (y Position)
  • w = 0.2 (width)
  • h = 0.3 (height)
    You can play around with these values until you’ve got what you want. If you want to make the camera follow the player you have to drag it on top of the player in the hierarchy.