Making a sound using collisions

I’m completely new here.
I tried looking up various tutorials but it doesn’t help.
I have a script somewhat it doesn’t do anything as of right now.
Please no professional stuff that will make me just do a copy and paste.
I get no error it doesn’t play a sound. also I don’t even know if I’m even making a correct trigger collision area. I copy and pasted a floor block and checked off is trigger, dragged on both the script and the sound on the same block.
Here’s a video if it helps
Thanks for reading!
I made the audio file a .ogg

var HallwayScare : AudioClip;

function OnCollisionEnter (collision : Collision) {
  //  audio.Play(HallwayScare);

 //@script RequireComponent(AudioSource) 

Here’s a similar question, just follow its answer. Remember to search the questions here before asking :slight_smile:

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