Making a split colored material for reflective 3d object

Hi there. I’m currently wanting to create a multi-colored 3d object just like I mocked up in Photoshop here:

alt text

It is made of 6 colors divided equally. Normally, the answer would be to go into my 3d editing program and apply different textures to each section, but I’m making use of the materials from this store asset: Gem Shader

And unfortunately, those materials aren’t capable of being loaded into 3ds Max, likely because it’s a Unity unique material. Another thing is that I cannot select faces manually in the Unity editor, so I cannot apply each texture how I would do in a 3d program. So is this something that can only be done through code then?

Your first idea is mostly correct. In your modeling program, split it into 6 materials/submeshes, as if you were going to texture them all differently. The Unity import might notice this and give you 6 Material slots. If not, make them (easy as typing a 6 into the Materials array.) Then load up your 6 Unity Materials.