Making a Starfox like game...How can I get my ship to aim(follow) mouse(target reticle) position?

Fairly new…trying to spice things up a bit. Just wondering if anybody is able to help with getting a space ship(player) in a 3d shooter to follow the mouse position a la Starfox.

For those that dont know or have forgotten Starfox…heres a vid of what Im talking about…

link text

Ive looked for tutorials, but the ones I find seem to be only for 2d shooters. I dont expect the whole code written for me, although that would be nice to see exactly what I need to learn. A clear heads up on what functions I should be looking at would also be great. Just to let you know…Im using Java script.

It’s simple! Transform.LookAt (); is the solution. Simply create an empty gameObject amd make it follow you mouse. At the same time it needs to be infront of your ship. Then you simply use the lookat function. Look at the documentation if you dont know how to use it correctly. Hope I helped!