Making a start screen in Unity

I'm having some problems with making a start screen before a game can be played. I have it set up that when you press the play button in the editor, you have same text with a button below and when you press that button, the start screen goes to the actual game. I have both the screen and the level to be played, but right now, it just goes right to the game, skipping the splash screen and I can still see all the text i put in just floating there while i'm playing. I know i've missing a step, but I've looked in multiple places and i just don't know what looks right or not. Can someone help me out?

Did you set the Main scene before the start scene in the Build settings?

I forgot to ad something. This is the first time I ever asked a question here. These are the scripts i got for the start text

function OnGUI ( ) { GUI.Label (Rect (25, 25, 100, 50), "Welcome to the Unity Mario Level!!"); }

And this is for the start button in the same screen function OnGUI ( ) { if (GUI.Button (Rect (25, 75, 100, 30), "START!!")) { // This code is executed when the Button is clicked } }

I will admit that I am indeed a very big noob when it comes to Unity Evan B 0 secs ago

No, but then again, I have all this code in a single scene. That might be the problem