Making an in-app virtual good purchasable only by some users

Hi, I have seen in some games there are certain virtual goods that a player can buy only after some achievement or action in the game. For example, if you buy pass 5,000 points you unlock the ability to buy a new powerup or there is one item that unlocks a better version of the same item.

I want to implement that in my game and it seems like Google and Apple will only offer two kinds of items - managable and unmanagable (consumable) but non of them really have this functionality.

hi @maxgreen.

SOOMLA has a full mobile games backend for developers which is free of charge for life. One of the server’s features is “economy management” which allows you to remotely manage your price points and virtual economy items, and our plan is to add user-level balance management so that you’d be able to support this kind of use case.