making an object appear in my hand on trigger press

hey so for some reason i cannot find an answer for this anywhere... but hi! im using unity 2021.3.8 and need to implement the ability to 'summon' an object into my hand on the press of the trigger button and it to dissapear when the button is released. i guess kind of like 'replacing' my hands with the objects momentarily like how you can with xr grab interactable but without of actually pointing at an object to grab with. i literally just want them to appear out of nowhere, sorry if my explanations aren't the best ive been up all night trying to get this to work

im quite new to this, please let me know if you'd like me to elaborate on anything

If button pressed, enable or instantiate object as child of the hand
If unpressed, disable/destroy object

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thank you! sorry if this is a stupid question but how would i do something like this?

okay so i have no clue what i did but its working now! thanks so much for the help again

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