Making Anatomy

I am trying to make an anatomy app and I have a problem with detecting what object getting selected, I mean when I select a part, it changes color and when I select another part, the first one should return to its normal color which I am failing to do.
My real problem is remembering the last object selected and making changes to that.

Okay, so I went ahead and did this quickly for you …

It works by placing the script on each object you wish to interact with as part of the newer Unity OnMouse level exposure in the game world.

Using OnMouseOver on an applied object will grant you intersection based flags making it simple to make a change to it based on whether the mouse is over it or not - Thank Unity :slight_smile:

I have provided a simple scene to run with the code and small amount of objects in place because I could form understand a solution for myself this way.
Hope this help somewhat, or at least is a start or helps you to know it is not the direction you want :slight_smile:
Cheers bud.
Gruff :slight_smile:

P.S. haha, sorry for the zip title, my bad spelling…
“…changedemoonmouseover” = “…changedOnMouseOver”