making body a rigidbody without using the physics fps walker

hi, im trying to make an fps game and im having some problems with my character, basicly i want the character to behave like a rigidbody while using the fpsWalkerEnchanted ( is this possible and can someone help me please? as it is now, no obnject can move me and i cant move anything myself. im kinda new on unity, and i dont have any scripting skills what so ever.

you need to take out the lines of code that refere to the character controller component then you need to include rigidbody.AddForce to move it and rigidbody.AddTorque to turn it. Then effect it's mass, angular drag, etc (in the inspector), in order for it to push other objects around and act "right" for your environment.

QUOTE "No, if you dont understand how to script then try this first link is the script documentation which explains how to use the syntax and gives examples and the second is a pdf which is a tutorial on how to get to grips with the concept of scripting in Unity. This site isn't for begging people to give you codes, try writing your own and posting them if they are wrong or having a go at altering the script and add anotations with // to explain what you are trying to do. AngryOldMan Apr 17 at 16:03"

OMG that was sooooooooooo funny lol :)