Making calls to Spotify REST API blocks main thread

I am making calls to the Spotify REST API Web API | Spotify for Developers to play/pause playback using this C# wrapper GitHub - JohnnyCrazy/SpotifyAPI-NET: 🔉 A Client for the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET

When I make the calls it blocks the main thread. I have tried putting the calls in co-routines, or using separate threads for them, but neither seem to work. Heres an example of a call to resume playback

 public void resumePlayback(){
    ErrorResponse error = _spotify.ResumePlayback(context.Device.Id);

Thanks in advance

@johnm212 Would you be open to sharing your implementation of that wrapper into Unity? I’ve been hacking at it but having some trouble.

It would be better using a Rest Client to call the endpoints of any API, try this approach using Promises to handle issues in a better way too => GitHub - proyecto26/RestClient: 🦄 A Promise based REST and HTTP client for Unity 🎮