making camera keep moving right

Hello guys,im making a 2d platformer game where u just jump on platforms and now im using a script which just tracks the player.

I need a script where the camera keeps moving right regardless of where the player is and when the player is out of sight it makes game over.(i already made the out of sight part.
1.I tried making my own scipt but I have no luck since i dont know much scipting.
2.looking at all youtube platformer videos but no luck.
3.Searching on unity anwsers and webpages

If anybody knows how to do this can please give me some help.thanks

You should add * sign between them like following:

private int movingSpeed = 10f;

void Update()
     transform.position += Vector3.right * Time.deltaTime * movingSpeed;

var speed : int = 2;

function Update () {
transform.position += Vector3.right * Time.deltaTime * speed;

This will make the gameobject going right just attach the script to the camera and change the speed to what ever you like.

Sorry i replied so late i had an exam but when i inserted this code it said insert a semicolon at the end and when i add i receive more errors.