Making characters

hello, i’m new at this game making thing and i was wondering how do you make characters and when i mean characters i mean pokemon characters.

Go to Tools > Characters > Existing Games > Pokemon and choose your… ha.

Do some tutorials and come back with a specific question. “how do i make a character” is approximately equal to “how do i make a game”. Lerpz is a good ‘character’ tutorial. It shows you how to build a 3d moving character that interacts with the environment.

Keep the graphics and the logic separate.

You shouldn’t use Pokemon Characters exactly because of legal issues, but you can model your own characters using 3d modeling software. Since you’re new, start with Blender. It is a free modeling tool. It can be confusing at first but if you’re dedicated enough you can learn through tutorials. And you don’t always have to start from scratch. A lot of websites offer free models for download that you can import and animate in Blender.

for the most part making the models to represent a character on the screen is usually done in some kind of modeling tool (i.e. blender, 3DSMax, Maya) then exporting, and importing into the target engine/tool.

but models should be secondary to gameplay logic. until you have a functional game don’t worry to much about having killer art. Use the defaults that are included with Unity (GameObject->CreateOther->Cube/Sphere/Cone) then use those to make sure your game is functional. then when that all works try putting animations to it through say the models from some of the tutorial packages. yes it might look funny to have a whole bunch of the platforming-tutorials frogman moving around the world, but it will tell you where it is pointing, and give you a feel for size, scale, and animation effects.

There is a ton of available resources to be found. Personally I find a lot of answers at - here you can find high quality tutorials on this specific subject and others related to game development. This is a paid service and if you’re not ready for that I suggest something a simple as and all the relevant forums for creating 3d assets and characters (blender, 3dsMax, Maya, Cinema4D etc.) Unity is not ideal for creating characters (actually not at all)

Best of luck!