Making characters

What would be the best way to make a character model for unity for people who have no experience in doing this?

DAZ 3D is currently offering some of their software (DAZ Studio Pro, Hexagon, and Bryce Pro). The best part of this software deal is that you get a fully-rigged character (which can be morphed and changed for different circumstances) for free. It isn’t the best for actually creating characters, but it gives you a good option if you need a person for a game.

The site :

If you want to model a character, or rig anything (DAZ Studio does poorly at rigging), you should probably stick with Blender.

Besides learning it, you have some websites sharing free-resources and other that cost money. Start with the asset store, then check those out :

If you don’t mind putting in some time learning, 3D modeling is not that hard. Blender is a free modeling program and fairly easy to use. Depending on how fast of a learner you are you can have a halfway decent character model after an afternoon of learning.

It’s a useful skin to pickup and it seems much more intimidating than it actually is. If you bite the bullet and learn it you will be glad you did.

One thing though. Inorganic things (like robots) tend to be easier to deal with than organic things (like people) while you are learning.

it might be better to use daz for modeling and blender for animating the models