Making coding functions, strings, and such more colorful?

Hello, I am used to using Gamemaker: Studio where functions and strings and built in variables and things like that were colored so you knew that you typed them right and to help you better understand what is going on, but with the coding program for Unity that I am using (MonoDevelop) only some of the functions are colored and strings are not colored. I’ve noticed that when posting code on this website, the code tends to be very colorful, is there a way I can enable something like this on the coding program I am using? If not, then which coding program comes with colored functions and strings? Thanks.

in monodevelop u have to change the theme to achive that ;
but i suggest u to install Visual Studio wich is so much better and more colorfull :slight_smile:

Visual Studio was auto installed with Unity, but I uninstalled it because it kept asking me to log in to something at the people in the videos I was watching were using MonoDevelop.

I changed the theme to something I like better, but all that did was change the color of the background, it did not make the code anymore colorful.

Tools => Options => Syntax Highlighting