Making games with unity personal edition.

Can I make a game with unity personal edition and then sell it to a company?.
I know that if I don’t make more than 100 thousand dollars per fiscal year, I can, but what if the company to whom I sold the game makes more than that?. Do I get a lawsuit ?. What if I make the game and before I sell it, I buy the pro version, any problems there?.

IANAL, but I won’t let that stop me. :slight_smile:

If you sell the game outright to someone else, the game is their property, and any license-compliance issues are theirs alone. If they don’t license the engine correctly, any legal troubles are exclusively theirs.

Of course, if they paid you $100K for a game developed with Unity, you would then need a Pro license to continue using Unity.

In theory you could divide a project up into 10 separate companies, each with one employee, each of which earns less than $100K, to allow broad collaboration on a project that will then be sold to a different company. In this way you could have many people working on a medium-sized project at the cost of a single Pro license for the distributor. This could be viewed by a court as a deliberate attempt to side-step the license, and some smacking-down might follow.

Note that things change if you continue to do work after selling the game, e.g. bug fixes, as the license does not allow mixing and matching of Pro and free licenses on a project. Once a well-funded company owns the game, anybody working on it also needs the Pro license.


As far as I know u can sell your game commercialy. Even with the personal edition.