Making hundreds of leaderboards with Unity built-in Social class (or Cloud Code?).

I’m trying to make hundreds of leaderboards. A maximum of 4 leaderboards for each level in my game. I don’t want to do it manually and I’d prefer to not use third-party services (besides default services like GameCenter or PlayServices), as I’m already using Unity Game Services for Authentication and Cloud Save which I’m going to pay (I hope :wink: ).
I’ve tried to get some information on how UnityEngine.Social.CreateLeaderboard() works, as I’m thinking of creating the many leaderboards via code, if that’s what this function is supposed to do. Does it remotely create a leaderboard instance in both GameCenter and Google PlayServices via code? Is that this powerful?
Alternatively, I’m thinking of using Unity Cloud Code to create leaderboards, add scores, etc… since it’s highly customizable. But, where am I supposed to save data? ChatGPT told me that there’s a Unity Database I can use and access from Cloud Code scripts, but I’ve found none. Is it been dismissed since 2021?
As far as my mediocre skills can take me, the only viable solution is to save leaderboards via Cloud Code in
a fictitious player’s data on Cloud Save. But it’s a very ugly solution. I’d prefer to avoid third party backend services or servers,

This is what ChatGPT thinks about Social.CreateLeaderboard().

Can anybody confirm?

What does this Unity function do Social.CreateLeaderboard()?

Social.CreateLeaderboard() is a Unity API method that creates a leaderboard on the platform's social service. It allows a developer to create a leaderboard on a platform's social service, such as Game Center on iOS or Google Play Games on Android, and then submit scores to the leaderboard. Once a leaderboard has been created, players can view their own scores and the scores of other players on the leaderboard.
It is important to note that this function is not available on all platforms, and it requires Unity's UnityEngine.Social API to be imported.

What if the leaderboard already exists?

If a leaderboard with the same ID already exists on the platform's social service, the Social.CreateLeaderboard() method will not create a new leaderboard. Instead, it will return a reference to the existing leaderboard.
It's important to note that the existing leaderboard should have the same name, and the same sort order as the one that you're trying to create. If the existing leaderboard does not have the same name or sort order, the Social.CreateLeaderboard() method will fail, and it will throw an error.