Making IOS games with Unity3D

i want to start making IOS games with unity but i want to know what i need to start learning but without publishing. I cant buy a license as im only 14 and dont have the money, is there anyway i can test them without publishing?


i have a mac and afew apple products (IPad,IPhone 4m ect.)

You can build for the simulator, but it won’t give you a true representation. If you already have a mac than save for iOS basic or see if you can obtain a student license.

Previous Question on building for the Simulator:

Unity 3d partner for Student Licenses:

You can also just test your game in the editor, but when writing for mobile, you want to code in the leanest way possible:

Good Luck

Unluckily, without buying at least the $400 Unity iOS addon license you can not develop for iOS using Unity.
Thats the minimum required to build for the Simulator.

For real testing you will need to get an apple dev license for $99 /yr from Apple on top as thats the requirement to create device builds and naturally an OSX 10.7.3+ Apple computer for the iOS SDK