Making items solid?

I'm starting for the first time and i can't seem to make an object solid/collidable. My person just seems to keep falling through the floor. How do i make an object collidable?

Up top...

Component > Physics > Mesh Collider (Good for new people)...

For floor, usually a Box Collider'll work, unless you have a terrain, then it should have one on it already...

Are you following TornadoTwin's tutorials? For your question, make sure that everything has collidors on it. if it is a complex mesh, then you will need to use Mesh Collidor so you aren't bumping into nothing. If the item that is falling (use Component > Physics > Rigid Body) isn't colliding, try checking "Convex" on the collidor.

I hope it works!

Best of luck,


If you have a spear and you added sphere colliders to it you have to add that to the ground as well.