Making more than one item appear on a chess board

hi,am making a game where stuff appears on a chess board and the player clicks etc etc.Currently i have one item appearing on a random position on the board but i don’t know how to make more than one item appear. Someone please help

var cube1:GameObject;
var cube2:GameObject;

var clone:GameObject;
var obj:GameObject[];
var spawnPoints:GameObject[];

function Start () {


function Update () {

function Call(){
yield WaitForSeconds(2);
var randomPosition=Random.Range(0,spawnPoints.Length);

var randomObj=Random.Range(0,obj.length);




You can change Call method to include count parameter (number of objects you want to spawn):

function Call(count : int){
    yield WaitForSeconds(2);
    for(var i : int = 0; i<count; i++) {
        // whole random and instantiate stuff for single object

And then for example execute Call(5). If you need to introduce additional delay between spawning objects, then add additional yield inside the for loop.

You could add a for loop so that it instantiates a chess piece for every x amount.

var inst_amount : int = 1; //The amount of chess pieces you want to instantiate

for(int i = 0; i <= inst_amount - 1; i++)
{ *instantiate chess piece here* }