Making multiple instances of a prefab,Instantiating multiple instances of a prefab

Hey, im making a 2d infinite runner and im having an issue with making multiple instances of one prefab.
I have a script that is attached to the prefab and is run when the prefab is added to the scene, it changes positions of elements in prefab. When i make the first instance of the prefab it works fine, it randomizes positions of elements, but next instances of prefab do not randomize position of elements, they are copies of first instance instead of new instances based on prefab located in assetss. Im struggling to fix this problem, any help would be appreciated,Hello, im making 2d procedural generated infinite runner. I generate my platforms base on a prefab which has a script attached that relocates platforms inside this prefab when prefab is instanted. I create them in chunks 3 at a time, the problem is that the first one instance of prefab is having its platforms relocated but the second and the third have the same platforms locations, as if the third was copy of the second from scene, not a new Instance of prefab from assets. Im new to unity and struggling to resolve this issue. Help would be really appreciated.

Hard to say without knowing the code. Where are you generating the random information?

First guess would be that you’re starting with the same Random.seed for each instance so they’re picking the same “random” numbers.