Making multiple levels for a 2D game

In the games industry, how do the developers make multiple levels for a 2D game, for example cut the rope or angry birds.

I have been wondering this for quite some time and i don’t know how this is done in the games industry. I know about making many scenes and having each one as a level, but to me that technique seems like it will take up a lot of memory, especially for a game that will be on the mobile.

In the games industry is that how it is done? Or is there another technique i don’t know about.


If it’s a feature of the Engine(a level designer), developers will leverage that(IF it meets the projects needs), if you need something customized for your project, you will typically either use the engine to develop your own editor(like you can do with unity) for your game and serialize the values of the level designer to be loaded in/during your game.

Unity will allow you to extend the editor, you can create your own controls/windows/etc to help you create a better experience in the Unity editor.

There are tons of ways to approach this so it’s usually unique to each project. In the industry we spend a lot of time tackling this problem early in the process.

If you use some level editor that somebody else built you are constraining your levels to that system. You WILL need to modify it at some point anyway so you might as well roll something that works for your specific level design. Unity makes it easy anyways!

I’m not from the game industry, but here is an idea I had.

If you don’t want to save every level in a Scene, you could use one Scene and write a Script that loads your level, for example from a text file.
But then you would need some kind of editor to save your Level to a text file.

But I really don’t know how scenes work under the hood, and if they probably use a similar technique.

So maybe someone knows better :wink: