Making multiple save slots???

HI everyone, I should start by saying Im fairly new to unity, I get most of it but I have A LOOOOT of trouble undertsanding player prefs and what not. Right now Im working on a visual novel type game and in it im planning to make different chapters witch I want to serve as my save points. But im not sure how to do it so when a player hits that point it saves automatically.


I want there to be a manual save where it dosnt matter at what point the game is at, everything up to that point will be saved and when the game is loaded you at that exact point

im leaning toward the chapter option though

help me…please

There’s two ways to go about this:

  1. Using PlayerPrefs, add a number to the end of each variable name for each save slot. i.e. SaveData1, SaveData2, etc.

  2. Use serialization to output your save file as a physical file on the user’s computer, such as an XML or Binary file. This also lets users copy their save files to other devices.

Option 2 is by far the better one, as it’s much more versatile and allows for greater flexibility.