making my classes usable?

i remember when coding in C, you need to declare one variable of your struct and then use it.

i don't know how this works in JavaScript though. posting my code until the line where unity starts bragging

class DisplayDevices // Anzeigegerte fr Rennwerte
var ANA_time : GameObject; // Chronometer
var ANA_speed : GameObject; //Tacho
var ANA_rpm : GameObject;//RPM
var ANA_engine_temp : GameObject; //lstand
var LCD_pcm = GameObject; //Display
var OBJ_steering_wheel = GameObject; // Lenkrad

class RacingData //Speicher fr Rennwerte
var vehicle_speed; //Geschwindigkeit
var lap_time; //Rundenzeit
var engine_rotation; //Umdrehungen pro Minute
var engine_temp; //Motortemperatur
var display; //Navi auf Amaturenbrett
var steering_angle; //Einschlagwinkel des Lenkrads

var TXT_data : TextAsset; //Unsere Datei

RacingData einlesewerte; // trying to declare an instance for use, unity stops here

Nevermind. Looked a bit throught the Board. Solved it.

var einlesewerte : RacingData;