Making my first game?

I need support making my first game. It's going to be called 'Multi-Zone' and I already have a website set up with It's own domain to splat it on. Firstly, I must annouce that I have not a clue how to script yet nor have I got my head around even the basics of game development. As I voyage along my journey I could use some help from you Unity3D Professionals.

I am already following the 'worm game' series. It's doing brill, but once that is done I wish to move onto more advance game developing.

Here are the few ideas I picture:

-Make a multiplayer game called Multi-Zone -You're a simple block person that is able to create multiple places -You can hang out at other peoples' places and check out offical places

That's a game I one day want to acheive, I also have more detailed ideas than the above.

What do you suggest? What did you do when you first laid your hands on such a game engine. I could use some advice!

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Well, the game sounds great, but it should take a while and will require hard determination. Here are some basic steps that you might want to start out with.

  • Learn JavaScript (I think it is the easiest). You MUST learn some programming. It is necessary!

  • Learn the interface of unity.There are some helpful tutorials at the unity site, here.

  • There are also some game tutorials at the unity site. These can be helpful.

  • Experiment! Use the unity scripting reference, and start writing some scripts. Unity starts out with many standard assets, try making a scene with them.

  • Learn how to use a modeling program. This is a little more advanced, so you won't have to worry about this until you learn some scripting. Blender is easy and free, so you can start out with that.

There are many helpful tutorials out there for Unity3D, just start looking. This a very good question, and deserves a good answer. I hope I have helped you understand.

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I have a tut video that might help you out man first you need to download unity’s default network scene

LiveStream Multiplayer Tut Video:

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Moddb : Stardust Windows, Mac, Linux game - Mod DB

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if you have any questions please PM me im also on UnityForums