making new model for character controller

hi guys. i’m new to unity3d, and i just need some help about 3rd person controller. when i import a 3rd person controller, there’s a worker. i can change his clothes and stuff when i open his texture with paint and stuff.

but, what if i want to use a new character? how can i import a new model to unity, or how can i make idle animations and stuff?

or, is there a page for me to import new models and use freely?

thanks in advance.

If you want to make your own models, you will need to learn a 3D modelling program such as Blender. With Blender, you can make your own models, rig them and set up animations. It’s not too difficult to learn the basics, especially considering the wealth of tutorials available.

If you want to simply use other people’s models, have a look at this post.