Making newline ( \n ) in inspector

I am making some localized tips to be displayed when my player enters an area. These tips are displayed over the characters head.

I have a gameObject with an exposed string, so that I can place tips around my scene, and enter the message I want to have displayed. The string is then passed forward to a TextMesh when the character collides with the tip.

The problem I am encountering is entering new line ( ) into the string in the inspector. The escape character is shown in inspector but is left out in game ( the '\' is gone, but not the 'n'). I have tried entering by using alt + enter ( as suggested in the reference manual ). But it doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone managed to input newlines through the inspector? (how the hell did you do that :o?)

This appears to be a bug in the windows version of Unity. You can't manually type a return character into an inspector text field, and doesn't work.

The only workaround for this is to copy and paste a return character (for example, from notepad).

Not sure if this question is still alive, but I found another workaround to put a newline into a string in the inspector:

function Start () {
	stringname = stringname.Replace("NEWLINE","


Just place NEWLINE in your string, or replace the NEWLINE in the script with something else.

You can also create a custom inspector that uses a TextArea, rather than a TextField, for the string in question.

Picked up Molix idea :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEditor;

public class TextEditor : Editor {
    public override void OnInspectorGUI () {    
        TextMesh current_target = target as TextMesh;
        EditorGUILayout.LabelField("   Text:", "");
        current_target.text = EditorGUILayout.TextArea( current_target.text,GUILayout.MaxHeight(500f));		

In windows newline is "
" so → “hello
new line”

None of this helped me.

I have a string which i should assign through the inspector.
My solution is, that i added the [TextArea] attribute, now i can use my Enter key and everything works like expected.

[Multiline] string whatYouWantToDisplay;

For adding new line just use ’
’ as character sequence only ’
’ now working at all.
Following example works perfectly in my game.

public static string helpText1 = "A palindrome is when something \

is the same forward and backward,
like mom, dad, race car. Arrange
the tiles so the pattern is a
palindrome by touching and
dragging tiles.";

I found a good solution at this thread:

Add the TextAreaAttribute to your string variable, and the Inspector will now provide you with a larger text entry box that allows you to just use the Enter key to make carriage returns. Yay!



public string myString;

‘/n’ is working in Unity 5 for windows for me. You just need to set vertical to overflow instead of truncation and increase the text height enough.

new line character:

for example:

string text = "this is single line" + System.Environment.NewLine + "this is another line";