Making objects "bounce"

I’m currently working with a group of cube (Game Objects) and when the player interacts with it I am trying to have it “bounce” and slightly go down on the y-axis and come back up in the span of 1 second. I successfully applied this to one cube and now I doing the same for all the other cubes but for some reason the other cubes will not only animated on the y axis but also on the x-axis (even though I haven’t even touched that part of the transform part in the animation window.

Does anyone know how to make this cube drop without it swirling all over the place?

::edit:: I have already checked the orientation of the game object and the y axis is what is supposed to be moving :slight_smile:



![alt text][2]

Animations can be tricky. Sometimes it just takes a lot of playing around but first:

Check each frame of the animation and look at the X position. If the x position of your cube is not where it’s supposed to be then move it back to your desired position and record over that keyframe. Might seem time consuming but it works.

You could also just script this effect quite easily. For what you’re trying to do I would suggest just doing it in code unless there’s something specific you’re trying to accomplish in the animation.

I ended up using the Punch effect on iTween thanks to sriram90. Worked the way I wanted it with minimal effort. Thanks for the help!

In the animation window, click on the red mark next to “position.x”, and choose “delete key”. Do the same for “position.z”. Now the animation will only modify the y values.