Making player jump without rigidbody or character controller

how would I go about making my player jump and fall back down without a rigidbody/character controller. Basically I am trying to make my own character controller (w/ raycasts instead of colliders) and I already have the walking done, all I need is the jumping with gravity.

All help is appreciated,



Take a look at the script reference for CharacerController.Move(). Jumping and gravity are implemented in this script that drive the character controller, and except for the ‘controller.isGrounded’ flag, have little to do with a character controller. You can impliment something similar. You will need your own implementation of isGrounded. It may be defined by a raycast, or it might be defined by a ‘Y’ position. Then you code can be something like this:

    if (isGrounded) {
        if (Input.GetButton ("Jump")) {
            moveDirection.y = jumpSpeed;
        else {
            moveDirection.y = 0.0;
   else {
    // Apply gravity
    moveDirection.y -= gravity * Time.deltaTime;