Making Profiles?

I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but my searching gets me bad results. I need to know how to have a player be able to create a profile from the Main Menu. Now I've tried multiple things, but I just don't get scripting yet, so it doesn't work. Is it even possible to create a profile? If so, how would I go about incorporating this into the game? This game is meant to be played online multiplayer. So I need usernames, kind of like the game Halo PC. It uses Usernames for it's multiplayer, I need that same effect. Thanks! ~Preston

as I see that you don't get an answer I will answer with an missing part, but this is just an idea not a original form so you will need to transform it at your situation:

var actualacounts = 0;
var account : String[];
var password : String[];
//first do all your GUI's
//Then at register
if(/*Clic button register*/){
account[actualacounts] = textfieldaccount;//Textfieldaccount: the variable that has the information of the name of the account
password[actualacounts] = passwordfieldaccount;
//Then at login
var findaccount = /*Find account that is equal of what you put in the textfield*/;//This is the missing part
if(/*Clic button login*/){
if(/*findaccount finds the account*/){
if(password[findaccount] == textpasswordlogin){//textpasswordlogin: variable that has information of what you put in the password
Debug.Log("This password is wrong");
Debug.Log("This account doesn't exist");