Making Software in unity


I am trying to making a software for Pc in unity . But i want to make is multitask , so i want to open multiple windows and make browsing windows those can able to open any website (by preferring them search engine website).
But my main problems are

-opening multiple windows and make my software multitasking or opening tabs on the top of software.

-Making Internet browsing canvas or something that make my software connected.

Please help me or let me know how can i do that.Or any IDE or framework you would like to prefer me that can able to do (please not visual studio or basic).
Any help will be appreciated

You can use .NET framework to achieve what you need. Also if in Unity you write your scripts in C# then that knowledge will certainly be helpful for you since you can program for .NET using C#. Plus there are already many integrated features inside .NET framework that you can use like multiple windows, multithreading and browser.

Even though it is not impossible, I personally believe developing this application in Unity will be just too heavy task since Unity is a game engine and is not intended to be used to develop the types of application you are trying to develop.