Making the floor disapear

So I want to have it that when the player gets to a certain point, after 2 seconds, the floor will disappear and the player will fall down. However, I don’t seem to manage to get it working. I’ve tried OnTriggerEnter, and OnCollisionEnter. My player has the Character Controller on it, and the piece of flooring just has a box collider with the following code attached:

var lifetime: int = 2;
var collision = false;

function OnCollisionEnter(otherobject : Collision){

   if(otherobject.gameObject.tag == "Player")
      collision = true;


Create a trigger volume, child it to the ground and attach the following script to the trigger, not to the ground:

var lifetime: int = 2;

function OnTriggerEnter(other: Collider){
  if (other.tag == "Player"){ // remember to tag the player as "Player"!
    Destroy(transform.parent.gameObject, lifeTime); // destroy the ground in lifeTime seconds

I answered a similar question here. Disabling is better than onTrigger = false;

ANSWER: What i did was i created two empty game objects underneath my Player GameObject. I named one CapsuleCollider and another BoxCollider. I attached a Capsule Collider to the one named Capsule Collider and I attached a Box Collider to the one named BoxCollider. I have a GameMaster Script attached to another empty GameObject where I have created two public GameObject capsuleCollider and public GameObject boxCollider. From the inspector i drag the appropriate BoxCollider GameObject to the GameMaster public GameObject boxCollider field. Then I can just disable them in the script with

capsuleCollider = GameObject.GetComponent(<CapsuleCollider>);
capsuleCollider.enabled = false;