making Unicode (Japanese) TextMesh

I am trying to get TextMesh to display with a unicode font ( I want to use Japanese). I have read the manual page. and put tried font settings of both dynamic and unicode, but even for ASCII I am not getting proper display. Fot a font I am using which is kinda old (2003) so that may be a problem.

If anyone thinks it is the font, can they suggest a royalty free Unicode font? No really import what it looks like, for production we can choose and pay for a nice font. Now I would just like to show the code works.

The file you save can be the problem.
You need to save your script file with the encode “UTF-8”.

Example: If you have the notepad++ installed, open your script and go to “Format > UTF-8 Encode” (Or something else, my notepad++ is in the portuguese language).

The manual page say:

You simply have to save your scripts
with UTF-16 encoding

I think you should have a look at this thread, it summarizes the issues and the solutions related to the fact of having ideogram-based texts in unity :