Making Unity and Blender views/editors work with same mouse input

If I'm viewing an object within a Blender 3D View (I'm emulating a 3-button mouse and I'm using a PC), I can press

  • Alt-LMB (left mouse button) to rotate the view,
  • Alt-Shift-LMB to pan the view and
  • Alt-Ctrl-LMB to zoom the view (although I'd normally scroll the middle mouse wheel).

Within the Unity Scene view it seems that one must press

  • Alt-LMB to rotate the view (so far so good),
  • Alt-Ctrl to pan the view and
  • Alt-RMB (right mouse button) or Alt-Shift-RMB to zoom the view.

Like I said, I normally use the scroll wheel to zoom with either application, so no problem there. What I would really like is for the same key/mouse combo to pan the views. Does anyone know a way to alter this in either Blender or Unity3D so that they work the same?


Blender functions like modo (or vice versa, if you prefer). Unity functions like Maya. Unity is not remappable but Blender 2.56 is, under the Input menu in Preferences. With Blender 2.49, it isn't possible.

I don't like either method. In Blender, I use a SpaceNavigator (except for 2D views where it doesn't work >:-0 ). In Unity, I pan by pressing Q and then left-click dragging.