Malbers Animals-Creatures

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Another high quality asset! I love it .

keep them coming :)

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The tigers are out! Yay

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These look awesome, and really high quality animations.
Are these on discount like your other assets (on discount on release)?

Or is this the fixed price?

It look awesome for a mobile game!

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This is a fixed price, I can't go any lower for this guys because it will be a lack of respect of my effort, also there will be a total of 10 animals that i will be releasing to complete the forest set.
In addition like the other assets these ones will be growing over time.

yeap it will be awesome for a wild life simulator :p. or hunting

Actually, I find the price to be great. That's why I asked. I Wanted to know if i could wait to pick it up, or get it early.

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I believe you can wait, if by any chance I make the price higher /lower I will let you know ;)



Great artwork and your animations are realistic and smooth. Just wondering, which forest(s) will the rest of the animals come from? Tigers currently inhabit India, China, and Southeast Asia. Will the other nine animals come from forests in other parts of the world? Which animals are you planning to develop to complete the set?

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Cougar/panther , bear, fox, wolf, deer, moose, racoon , rabbit, wild.boar

Im creating a generic animal controller wich will work with all of them,

I've been testing it with the horse animset pro and works amazing so far

After the forest set I plan to do these sets:


Any chance you will make different style for the tiger and future animals as you did to your dragon ?

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Sure, what Style do you need? to put it on the list

The four style that you did to your dragons. But if i can choose one, i'd choose the toon one :smile:

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I will finish the first cycle of animals (12 of them) and the I will start upgrading the styles..

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Personally, I'd love to see more animations rather than models because it's very hard to find good affordable animations.


Is it possible to preview all 100 AAA animations?

Also, agreed that animations are preferred over styles/textures

How can I sync up audio so that the tiger makes a sound alongside the roar animation?

You could add a event to the roar animation at the position where you want to start the sound and then play the audio clip in the event handler

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They are not 100 animations ... those are the dragons :smile:
tiger has 62 animations clips
but you can test the web player here:

webplayer isnt working....just makes me open the html link....

ill buy after only (stupid) question....i wanna use a tiger as my logo/mascot for my company relaunch...ill probbally change up the textures but can i do that with your assets? thank you!