Managing Animations & Transitions


I’m fairly new to handling 3d animation in Unity, and am looking for some advice on how to organise a large amount of animations and transitions. The animations are played through events in the code, rather than through key inputs. I’ve watched the tutorial on mechanim animation.

Currently, I’m trying to manage the transition between playing a melee animation and returning to a fighting stance when the melee animation is complete. The melee animation is triggered through code, and all melee animations have a one way transition to the blend tree which contains the fighting stances. The blend tree has a parameter DefaultFightingStance, which is linked to the character’s script. This works, but it’s very disorganised (see screenshot). Any suggestions on how to organise this? Also, any good reading on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks

Probably a good idea to put them in layers. So you have a layer for normal movement, a layer for attack a layer for Swimming or whatever:


Keeps it neater to look at and easier to break the character actions down. So the first one is the Base layer and this next one the swimming.


And reading, well there’s the Unity manual and google “mechanim tutorial” will get lots. Really it depends how you prefer learning. For me I’d rather type that search in YouTube and watch a half hour video but mechanim isn’t that difficult just takes a while to get your head round.

Looks like you’ve already got quite a bit done already, just needs tidying up.