Managing large quantity of assets and models

I have a very large amount of assets and models available to create scenes. What is the best way to manage them, so that I don’t have to keep importing packages to determine what I have in each package?

I need an asset management tool that will allow me to view all my available assets.

You need assets loaded in Unity to browse them easily.

I know of no tool which allows you to inspect the assets easily otherwise.

If you don’t want to load them all into your main project, consider creating a secondary project that you only use as your asset catalogue. Clearly it’s not ideal, but it would work. If you have two monitors or more, you could also consider dedicating one of your monitors to the second projects, running two projects at once. Depending on what information you need, perhaps you could just unzip the packages and build lists of the items (like, make an app that does this, or figure out a way to collect all of the different filenames). I don’t know it’ll work for certain, but I think a .unitypackage is just a zip file that you can open with a zip tool.

You could even write yourself an editor tool that imports your packages one at a time and uses editor functions to generate small thumbnails of your objects which you can then export. Perhaps someone already solved this (or got an idea to do this just now), in that case I’d check the Asset Store for clues.