Managing sound & audio within Unity

I've got some questions regarding using audio within Unity. I've found using sounds effectively is no easy task. For example I've got a function that runs onMouseDrag and I want a sound to play during that function and then tail off as soon as the user lets go. I'm struggling to find a solution, Is there any way of making my sound more dynamic?

Cheers - C

I think you want to use onMouseDown or Button down play sound and then onMouseButtonUp play fading sound.

Two sounds, sounds like the solution here.

It's quite simple to make your audio trail off. Simply program the volume of your audio source to go down over time.

Another really dumb stupid way may be to attach a 3d sound to your “reticule” or what ever it is that is moving across visually and have the 3d sound continue on its way when the mouse button is released…sort of like a fling if you will…then make sure the volume curve is within the range of the listener while dragging. It should sound like the volume is rolling off smoothly…and you’ll probably wanna make sure the pan is more 2d than 3d so it doesn’t sound like it is actually being flung across space and time into the black miasma of death! That got dramatic! Ha ha!

Lemme know if this works!