Mandatory Apple Vision Pro OS Upgrade to Seed 5

Apple is requiring all Apple Vision Pro DevKit holders to upgrade their device to Seed 5 by the end of the day on Friday, November 10th. When will Unity support Seed 5?

I am running with seed 5, fully immersive app, 2022.3.10f1. Seems to work about as well as seed 4.

We’ve been running against seed 5 all week ourselves too.

Fantastic news!

I was afraid after the update that things were going to head south since the older application builds wouldn’t even launch; however, I was pretty much expecting that. Unfortunately, since I can produce device builds with 0.5.0 I am a bit stuck at the moment. :frowning:

Seed 5 has no SDK change and so it also works with PolySpatial 0.4.3 if you’re still on that.

For my current build issue, I only have the XR plugin package for this particular project as it is a VR game. I moved up to 0.5.0, but the same build issue when targeting the device SDK occurs for both 0.4.3 and 0.5.0.

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I’m still a little nervous about pulling the trigger on this - Is anyone running on seed 5 with the legacy Metal renderer for fully immersive apps (i.e no PolySpatial)?

@OwlchemyDawson We are on 0.5.0 now with a similar setup to you. I don’t think I encountered that error, but did at some point have some linker errors until I did a fresh export of the Xcode project (i.e using “Replace”) AND cleared my Library folder. I know you had to do something funky using a local copy of com.unity.xr.visionos, which we did NOT end up needing - so maybe that’s related?

Thanks, @puddle_mike. The build issue seems to be something specific to my project as I can get an AVP VR updated Unity 3D Core template project to build targeting the device SDK without issue. I am working on trying to figure out the difference as time permits.

I have tried a fresh Xcode export a number of times with no luck though. I haven’t cleared my Library folder yet though.

Yes, we’ve spent a week running with this in both full and mixed reality.

Yeah, no idea how I got my project into this broken state but I finally bit the bullet, deleted the Library folder and reimported. Magically that resolved the issue and I am now able to build to device again.

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